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In preparation for my upcoming thesis review, I’ve been mapping out my process, writing down questions, pulling quotes, drawing little diagrams all in the effort to articulate this terms explorations. Where was I and where am I now and what am I aiming to do? What is my own process teaching/informing me?






Good News!

I met with Paula Goodman, Director of the K-12 Programs in Public Programs here at Art Center of Design. She gave me some great advice about Design-Based Learning. I will be attending the Summer Institute for Teachers as an observer starting next week. There, I will be introduced to Doreen Nelson, a professor at Art Center College of Design and California State Polytechnic University and will also have a chance to talk with some teachers.

I met with Bonnie Chau of 826LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. They are based out of the Time Travel Mart in Echo Park. We will be working together on developing 1-3 workshops with participating youth. I will be running a probe-based workshop basically getting youth to speculate about the FUTURE! using an LED hand-made creature and a few other great creative writing and drawing techniques! 

Almost done! The probe for the 826LA workshops is almost done. I will post photos before next week! In the meantime, here is a sketch of the probe I am developing for my workshop! It’s almost ready! Keep a lookout for it on my blog!!!

Probe sketch

Blog + Note Scan


I took a walk down memory lane, and decided to scan through my entire blog and my notebook from front to back. I wanted to organize words and categories in a way that could act as a quick–read summary  of what I’ve been processing this term. I’ll probably hang this on my ceiling above my bed and maybe cover my car windshield with it (just kidding). I broke down my collection of words into four categories: Content, Technical Elements, Space/Form and From Nature. These seemed to have emerged as my main areas of interest over the past few months. Granted, a few or many of these will be crossed out or swopped for something new as I continue my explorations, but I feel this list helped me find clarity and a clean base to build upon.

Pulling from these, I think some of the more major attractions I have are:

Thought Organization: Think Map


I also designed what I call a Think Map to help me organize my thoughts. There were a lot of keywords floating around my sketchbook as well as repeated in my writings, so I decided to see if I could find linkages between these recurring words and themes. I also included elements of interest, such as space and nature. I highlighted a few keywords I felt were the most relevant to my search: Incoming Information, Spatial, Network, Nature and Catalyst. These are main elements I want to explore further in the coming weeks. View the full scale Think Map here.

Visual Analysis of “I Believe” Responses


I designed this poster (click on image to download PDF, 208KB), which serves as a visual breakdown of the responses collected from a survey conducted between February 3–7, 2009 via e-mail and at Art Center College of Design. The responses are answers to the given phrase, “I believe…” . 

The X-axis represents how people believe things in accordance to time (past, present and future – i.e belief in things that have already happened, in things that are currently true for the responder, and in things that could potentially occur.). The Y-axis (“The Self/Others” or “Outside the Self”) represents beliefs that are either about oneself or others, or beliefs of things abstract, uncontrolled,theoretic,or intangible.

To the left of each set of responses is an alphabetized list of nouns pulled from the corresponding responses. Some of the responses were repeated in other parts of the grid because they represented more than one area on the grid. View the full scale poster here.