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Just a quick quick update:

I will be running 2 workshops at 826LA. One will be the Future Creature Project and the other will be the Future Neighborhood Project (names subject to change!). 826LA is a tutoring program located in Echo Park that focuses on creative writing. I am currently refining the workshop details with them. 

Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation (LTSC-CDC):
I will be running 1-2 workshops with UCLA’s Casa Heiwa and Angeling Mentorship Program, or CHAMPs. This is  a Saturday morning mentorship program supported by a non-profit low-income housing development corporation called LTSC-CDC.


Summer Institute for Teachers


I had the privilege of observing the Summer Institute for Teachers here at Art Center at the beginning of this month. I had the chance to observe how to apply design-based learning tactics into teaching curriculums, and have been utilizing my experience to apply to my own thesis work. Sitting in with teachers was great because I was able to understand the constraints they face, as well as learn what they know about how to work with young students. One of my goals coming into the Media Design Program was to prepare myself to be a design-based educator upon graduation, so it was refreshing and encouraging to be around enthusiastic teachers. There were many tools and methodologies presented that I know will greatly help my own work as a media designer next term. I think one of the bigger challenges for me is really being able to articulate the importance of me as a media designer in the world of design-based learning and thinking. This is something I plan to solidify over the break, and I know it is imperative in helping steer where I take myself over the course of my final term here at Art Center.

Here are photos of some of the teachers working on building communities, using existing craft materials: