Study Time!


I took some time to go back through my sketchbook and and past collection of inspiration images to look for patterns and possible leads to new connections. Images of nature, shadows, reflections, stars, ceiling arches, the aurora borealis and deep sea creatures were among the many images. 

These images  led to the discovery of different artists, architects, designers, scientists and theorists who have since influenced my work. Being able to see the scope of sketches and images allowed me to map out my interests as well as see how my work and aesthetics have become more specified over time. The relationship between the images all exist within a pool of thought that correlates to the physical work I’ve been doing. It’s been reassuring and is pushing me to explore my work in more detail. 

A review of my sketches and images have pushed more ideas for the form, the scale and technology within my work. It has also allowed me to ask more questions about the meaning and messages within the several forms I’ve been working on. A larger question that has been generating lately is where media art exists within media design, if at all? This is a challenge I have come across, that I must face as I continue my work.


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